British Spotted Pony, Leopard Appaloosa

British Spotted Pony, Leopard Appaloosa


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The British Spotted Pony is considered a rare breed with only around 800 registered with the Society.  They may range in size from 8 hands to 14.2 hands (larger animals are registered with the British Appaloosa Society, even though they share no known bloodlines with American Appaloosas).  Spotted ponies and horses have historically been highly valued by European royalty for their rare and unusual coloring.  Now you can enjoy one of these rare ponies in your own herd!  She was retired in the US in 2021, but has been reinstated in 2023.

This darling mare wears a chestnut leopard coat with solid lower legs, a shaded muzzle, and a beautifully shaded mane that realistically includes both light chestnut and grey hairs.  Her intricate masking is beautifully done and her sweet expression is sure to make her one of your favorites.

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Size: 5"L x 3.9"H

Model #88750

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