Clear Plastic Model Foot Props - Set of Four

Clear Plastic Model Foot Props - Set of Four

Triple Mountain Model Horses

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We all have models that don't stand well..  These tippy guys are not only a danger to themselves, but to all the models on the shelf with them!  At Triple Mountain, we have a few great options to keep your ponies safe, including Museum Putty and Horse Racks.  However, we've finally found a way to help stabilize these tipsters that can go anywhere with them. 

These tiny, clear rubbery plastic "nubs" have adhesive on the flat side so you can adhere one right to the bottom of the hoof that doesn't touch the ground well.  It won't harm the horse or your shelf, but will raise up that foot, giving the model more stability.  Because it sticks to the hoof bottom, you can easily move your horse around.  They're also great for tippy models you want to show, because they're nearly clear and won't detract from the judge's view of the model.   [Horse not included, obviously.] 

We received a few models that were wearing these, and they did their job so well and attractively that we decided to carry them!  Generally, if you buy these, you have to buy a large sheet, but most people only need a few, so we're selling them in sets of 4 nubs.  That makes them a very inexpensive add-on to your order that can save the life of your models!


Size:  They are about half the diameter of a US Penny and about twice as high.  They come as one piece with four nubs - Trim around each nub and peel off the backing to stick the flat side to your horse's foot.

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