Clydesdale Mare ~ Picture Perfect Spotted Draft Horse

Clydesdale Mare ~ Picture Perfect Spotted Draft Horse


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This strikingly marked near-black pinto on the Clydesdale Mare was part of the Picture Perfect series.  We think she is well-named, because she's gorgeous.  She was a single-year release in 2007. 

This lady is Near Mint with a 1" hairline scratch on her back that someone has touched up using a black marker, so it's a slightly different black and shinier than her coat, but it doesn't stand out like a white scratch would. That's it, other than the normal specks in the Breyer plastic.  She features whites as bright as the day she was born and soft, shell pink muzzle pinking.  She even comes with her booklet, paper photo frame and fence backdrop.  It's very rare to find the accessories these days!

[First photo is a composite pic and scale may be off a bit, as her accessories arrived after she'd already been inspected and wrapped.]


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1305

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