Dental Wax for Model Showing

Dental Wax for Model Showing

Triple Mountain Model Horses

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The original model shower's helper (well, after Mom)!  We used to have to beg friends with braces for some of their wax, unless we were "lucky" enough to have braces ourselves.  Now you can buy wax for your models here, in a container the perfect size for tucking in your pocket or your showing tool box!

Use for holding bits into mouths, riders onto saddles, reins in hands, props and more.  A bit under a hoof can stabilize a tippy Stablemate.  Holds its shape well even in warm show halls, and can be easily removed and re-used.  Simply pull off as much or as little as you need, roll it between your fingers to warm it up and make it moldable, then press into place.  For holding a bit, press onto the corner of the horse's mouth, then press bit into it.  Remove any wax that shows around the outside of the bit for a neat, clean appearance.

Our wax is clear, so it's nearly invisible when in use, and is non-toxic.  It comes in its own small plastic container to keep it clean and easy to carry.


Size:  One container contains enough for approximately 50 sections.  

[Horse not included.  Photo is to show size.  Container colors vary and will be shipped randomly.]

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