Green Tree Python

Green Tree Python


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The green tree python is a snake native to New Guinea, Indonesia and part of Australia.  They spend most of their time with their loops lying over tree branches, resting their head in the middle of a loop, waiting for prey to come along.  Green tree pythons are ambush predators who hold onto the limb with their prehensile tails and strike out at prey, then constrict it.  Juveniles are often bright yellow with spots, changing to this vibrant green at about a year old.  They are popular pets as well, but the illegal trade in wild-caught pythons is causing harm to their native populations.  Getting the CollectA version is a great alternative (and easier to care for.)  He joined the CollectA line at Mid-Year, 2022.

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Size: Approx 5.6" L x 1.5" H

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