Large Silica Packets for Safe Model Storage

Large Silica Packets for Safe Model Storage


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If you need to store your models in boxes or totes for a period of time, they are at risk for damage by humidity / dampness.  Mold stains are all too common in stored models, and can be "fatal."  Silica dry-packs are cheap insurance for your precious ponies while they're stored away.  Silica absorbs moisture from the air and locks it into the silica beads, keeping your ponies or other items drier.

To use:  Place a packet in each storage bin or box along with your (safely wrapped) models.  Airtight bins are best, as if there's an air supply, it will continuously carry moisture, filling up the beads more quickly.  Be sure they aren't completely blocked by the models - Place in front of or on top of models where they can access, and dry, the air in the container.

Packets can be refreshed for re-use by heating in an oven for between .5 - 2 hours at 200F.  If your microwave vents steam, you may also be able to refresh them by microwaving for 7-12 minutes on DEFROST mode.

How many packets do you need per tote?

To  gauge how many packets you need for your storage containers:

1 gallon equates to 231 cubic inches.  (A large, 20-gal tote = 4620 cubic inches.) 
1 cubic foot = 1728 cubic inches


More packets are always better... I'd consider the table to be the minimum. 


They recommend using more than the minimum for added protection or for longer storage times.  These are the large size packets, as you can see from the photo. (Photo includes Traditional Breyer and Wia Gustav for scale.)  They are 500g - Big guys, so they'll protect your models better and longer.    We don't mess around here - We want your ponies to stay safe!  One of these packets should cover any normal storage box size we're used to seeing for models.

These packets do not contain color-change beads, as we want no extra dyes or inks in with our models.  Color-change beads are also weaker as moisture absorbers - These plain white beads are the best on the market.  The packet is made of special cloth to allow moisture into the beads.  If you have a scale at home, you can tell when these need to be refreshed/replaced by weighing them:  If they've gained about 30% from their original weight, it's time to replace or refresh them.

They will come to you sealed in a zipper-style plastic bag to insure they stay dry in transit.  [They are stored here in sealed bags as well.]

Keep those models safe!


Size: Approx 7" x 6"

Weight Dy: Approx 520g (incl cloth packet)

Please note:  Every storage situation is different, so we cannot warranty the safety of your models while using these.  Please check your stored models at least monthly to make sure they are safe from moisture, as well as heat.  Silica will not reduce the build-up of gasses from shrinky models.

Horses not included.

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