Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cat


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We were so excited to see this Maine breed get represented by Schleich!  Unique among cat breeds, the Maine Coon's specific origin can't be proven, but they are commonly believed to have descended from long-haired cats aboard the ship of Captain Charles Coon, who frequented Maine seaports during trading runs.  While docked, the cats he kept as companions would wander off-ship and mate with local, sort-haired  cats.  it is said that when long-haired kittens were born, it was often declared, "Those are Coon's cats."

Maine Coons have several unique traits that help them survive Maine's harsh winters.  They possess a double coat, with longer outer guard hairs and a shorter, silky inner coat.  This also makes them one of the easiest long-haired breeds to care for, as their coats are not prone to tangling or matting.  Along with their thick double-coats, they feature a prominent ruff of fur on their chest, tufted ears which help keep cold wind and ice out of their ears, thick, furry tails that they can wrap around them for extra insulation, and large "snowshoe" paws with tufts between the toes which not only help keep their toes warm, but help them stay on top  of the snow so they can hunt even in winter. They are also known for polydactylism (extra toes) which again, help provide more surface area for staying on top of soft snow.

Maine Coon Cat silver tabby by Barry Wom

[Maine Coon Cat silver tabby; photo credit Barry Wom]

The Maine Coon is considered the world's largest domesticated cat breed, with the record-holder for Longest Cat being a fellow named Stewie, who measured 48.5 inches (123cm) from head to tail!  Males can weigh up to 30 pounds (13.6 kg).  They can come in any color coat.

Schleich has done a great job representing Maine Coons with this grey and white kitty, showing the long hair, large paws, ruffed chest, and tufted ears of the breed.  Released Jan of 2019.

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Size: 3.11"  L x 1.69" H

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