Dusting Brushes for Models and Collectibles - Small

Dusting Brushes for Models and Collectibles - Small

Triple Mountain Model Horses

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Dusting our models, both at home and at shows is a tricky business.  Most dusters are too big and risk knocking over the model, or are potentially scratchy.  We've hunted around and found these brushes which work great.  We're using the same ones at Triple Mountain to dust models for photos.  

These are makeup brushes, so you know they're soft - They're made for putting makeup onto faces!  These brushes use cruelty-free, soft, synthetic hairs.  White tips make it easy to see them on most models.  Their comfortable plastic handles are long enough to give you a good grip without being so long that they're in the way.  They're great for all collectibles, from model horses to model railroads to LEGO builds.

Smaller brushes have heads around .5 inches (1.25cm) across and are ideal for small scale models and for getting into those deep crevices of larger models and sets.  They measure approximately 7" (18cm) tip to tip.

Brush head shape varies, but all have long, soft heads that you can trim if you have a special need for a particular shape.  We've used them all and each shape works equally well.

We also have larger brushes, better suited for 1:9 scale and larger (Traditional Breyer, porcelain models, LEGO sets, etc.) available here. 

A stiff-bristled brush for models with flocking or brushable hair is also available here.


Cleaning:  Used for dusting, you can usually just run a finger across the dry head to remove dust and be ready for the next use.  If necessary, hairs can be rinsed in cool water, shaped and allowed to dry.  Handles can be washed in soap and water.  Do not wet the area where the hairs attach to the brush, as this could soften the glue and result in the hairs falling out.  We've never had to wash these - Fluffing the brush is usually all that's needed.


[Sold singly.  Horses not included.]

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