Othello ~ Heath - Web Special

Othello ~ Heath - Web Special


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Heath is a stunning red roan pinto Spotted Draft Horse.  He was only available as a Web Special for Collectors Club members in February, 2024, and sold out almost immediately.  He features a "cinnamon and sugar" speckled coat with masked pinto markings, four stockings and a masked bald face.  His flaxen mane and tail are pearly, giving him the appearance of motion.

This fellow is Factory Mint with lighter sooty shading under his belly and on his muzzle than others we've seen… which is really pretty and blends better. He sports both darker chestnut speckles and white ones, like cinnamon and sugar. He features neatly masked markings, bright whites, and a hint of pearliness in his mane and tail (only), providing a bit of motion. He comes with his original shipping box, but will be bubble wrapped instead of wrapped in that paper Breyer sent them in.

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #B-CS-10037

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