Peter Pegasus by Funko Pop - Disney Fantasia

Peter Pegasus by Funko Pop - Disney Fantasia


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Peter Pegasus was one of the most popular characters in Disney's 1940 animated hit "Fantasia."  Presumably the youngest foal in the family, Peter wants to fly with the adults.  He sports his sire's black coat, and his dam's lavender mane, tail, and feathers.  Often seen these days just called "Baby Pegasus," he was originally referred to as Peter during the movie's production, and there were even plans to feature him in follow-ups to the movie, which ended up not being produced.


This Funko Pop! of Peter Pegasus was created for Fantasia's 80th anniversary in 2020.  This adorable little fellow sits, poised for mischief.  We don't know why they didn't give him pupils, but he's still a cutie.  What a great nod to a beloved character!

This fellow is still in his sealed box.



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