Silica Gel Packets for Safer Model Storage - 100g, 6 pack

Silica Gel Packets for Safer Model Storage - 100g, 6 pack


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Silica packets are designed to help prevent moisture damage in closed containers.  You've seen them in packages of food and other items... Now you can get them to help protect your models when they need to be packed away.  Toss a packet (or more than one, depending on container size) into a closed container like a plastic tote, and they'll absorb moisture to keep it away from your models or other stored items.  Once you have these, you'll find a hundred uses for them.  We have!  They're also good for keeping moisture from stored electronics, clothing, guns, ammo, books, photos...

Dry & Dry is a US Company specializing in moisture-control products. (Product parts sourced internationally.)  We chose their brand because we use them ourselves!  They offer several packet sizes and types, so check the information in this listing to be sure you know which you're ordering:

This is a sealed pouch containing 30 packets, each 20g in weight.  This style includes white & orange beads which shift color to white and dark green when saturated.  Can be dried and recharged in an oven or a microwave on DEFROST mode to be used again and again, making them a great investment.

How many packets do you need per tote?

To  gauge how many packets you need for your storage containers:

1 gallon equates to 231 cubic inches.  (A large, 20-gal tote = 4620 cubic inches.) 
1 cubic foot = 1728 cubic inches


More packets are always better... I'd consider the table to be the minimum. 


Size:  100-gram packets, 4.25 inch x 5.5 inch each.  6 packets per pouch.

Note:  Silica packets can hold up to around 30% of their starting weight in moisture.  They are only effective if used in closed containers, as otherwise, they'll continue absorbing moisture from the air until they're "full" and can't take any more.  Closed containers limit how much air they need to dry.  When "full" some silica packet types can be heated in an oven or microwave to dry them, and then they can be reused.  Important:  Always store models in cool, dry places to prevent storage damage.  Check stored models frequently, as no item can prevent all storage damage.  Do not place directly against unwrapped models.

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