Standing Stock Horse Mare and & Foal ~ Ebony Shines & Charlize

Standing Stock Horse Mare and & Foal ~ Ebony Shines & Charlize


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The gorgeous palomino mare Ebony Shines started life as a flighty, worried horse, but her trainer saw glimpses of of greatness in her and asked for an extended period to train her slowly.  He spent a year-and-a-half with her, training her on "on the days she wanted to be trained," and giving her time off when she didn't want to be trained, and the empathy paid off.  She became a superb reining horse, but was retired at age 6 to become a broodmare once she had proven her athleticism.  Now, thanks to her incredible breeding, looks, and talent, Ebony Shines has become the first NRHA One Million Dollar Dam in history!  Ebony Shines has earned her portrait model, going strong as a broodmare into her early twenties.  With the use of intracytoplasmic sperm injection, which allows her eggs to be fertilized manually and carried by surrogate mares, she is able to produce more than one foal annually.  Her offspring are already becoming champions in their own right.  


[Ebony Shines; photo credit]

Her portrait model is the first Regular Run release on the Standing Stock Horse Mare (aka Firefly) mold.  It wears her golden coat and neat face marking.  She is paired with one of her newest foals, Charlize, who carries on her beautiful color. 

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Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #1872

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