Strapless, Custom - Chestnut-Going-Grey

Strapless, Custom - Chestnut-Going-Grey


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This girl is a neat custom!  She represents a young chestnut beginning to grey out, who will eventually become a fleabitten grey.  Her coat is done in warm chestnut with tiny darker chestnut speckles throughout, shading to all darker chestnut on her back.  Grey hairs are beginning to show in small groups and along her shoulders and on her face.  She sports diagonal socks plus a partial coronet over a striped foot, along with a star and snip.  I can't say whether she'd win at today's shows, but she shows no post-production damage other than a pinpoint eartip rub, and she's sure to be an eye-catcher whether shown or displayed.  As with all customs, we will ship when you order her, unless you put her on Hold... So take the temperatures between Maine and your location into account when ordering her - Customs can be damaged by heat in transit.


Size:  Traditional

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