Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil

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Tasmanian devils are often thought of in the US as a cartoon character that whirls around, growling and snarling,  and leaves a trail of havoc behind him.  Other than the whirling part, it's not too far off, as real Tazzy devils are fierce little guys the size of small dogs that growl, scream, and are ferocious predators and scavengers.  They actually have the strongest bite force compared to size in the animal kingdom!  And yet, somehow they manage to also be cute!  Perhaps you need one of these guys to guard your herd, or perhaps you know someone who is rather like a Tazzy devil and needs one as his or her mascot!


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Size:  3.66" L x 0.98" W x 2.09" H

Model #100247

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