Veterinary Practice w/ Pets and Horse Foal

Veterinary Practice w/ Pets and Horse Foal


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 Every animal lover dreams of being a vet when they grow up.  Encourage this with the Schleich Veterinary Practice, where pets come to get all healed up from their adventures.  The vet can check out the x-ray image on the wall and consult her laptop to help her treat the animals.  She can weigh the bunnies on the scale to make sure they haven't had too many carrots, or reach into her vet's doctor bag, she can find just the right medicine - or a treat for a good boy.

This set includes the vet building, veterinarian, Haflinger Foal, Dalmatian puppy, kitten, 2 bunnies, a mouse, dog basket, blanket, bowl, drinking bottle, feeding rack, bone, carrot, laptop computer, vet's doctor bag, medicine bottle, stethoscope, syringe, 2 bandages, 4 fences and a sticker sheet to decorate it all.

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Box Size: 15.25" x 4.25" x 9"

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