Western Horse, Black

Western Horse, Black


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Breyer's Western Horse was available in black only from 1959-1962, making him the shortest run of any of the vintage colors in this mold, and therefore, the hardest to find today. 

This guy is in Very Good to Excellent condition with a scattering of tiny rubs, the largest being a 1/2" scratch on the back of his left ear and one inside his left nostril.  He has an area of textured paint on his back.  His socks and tail tip are painted, but his bald face is raw plastic, which shows mild yellowing.  It appears that his reins are shorter than usual.  It's possible that a broken section was removed, or he may just have been given a shorter length.  He has lost about half of the silver from his breast collar, but has 90% of the silver on his bridle still.  This release is an oddity in that he has silver molded-on tack, but gold trim on his saddle. Was it replaced at some point, or was this one of the not-so-unusual Breyer "use what we've got" moments?  His saddle is a low-rivet, snap-cinch saddle with gold studs.  It is in Near Mint condition.  Its gold snap is even still shiny.  He's a nice example of this release, which is hard to find now that he's at least 60 years old.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #50

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