Western Prancing Horse ~ Gene Autry's Champion

Western Prancing Horse ~ Gene Autry's Champion


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Gene Autry, Cowboy Star of the Westerns, was a hero to adults and children alike, with his high morals and willingness to fight for what was right.  He coined "The Cowboy Code."  His equine partner Champion was a star in his own right, and Autry even produced a series called "The Adventures of Champion" where the chestnut took center stage. 


[Gene Autry on Champion]

The Western Prancer mold was chosen for Champion's portrait model for the pride and energy it portrays.  One of the team's trademarks was Autry's pistol bit, re-created by Breyer for this release.   This really makes him stand out among the Western horse models, but has proven to be somewhat fragile, and many horses for sale now are missing their reins because of it.

This fellow is Near Mint with no rubs or marks seen.  He has a few dust specks in his finish as always.  He's marked down for mild age yellowing, which you can reverse with a few days of sunbathing.  He comes with his pewter-iron colored reins and silver pistols bit, (no saddle) and features a neatly painted bridle with bright silver trim.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1111

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