Western Tack Set, Artist Made - Traditional - Show Quality

Western Tack Set, Artist Made - Traditional - Show Quality

Artist Made

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This is an artist-made set that is beautifully done.  If I were showing, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this set to use.

The bridle includes a pressed metal bit, adjustable curb strap, cheek straps and throatlatch, full browband, and beautiful silver trim. It even has a little rhinestone in the center for added bling.

Saddle features a realistic oak leaf and acorn tooling pattern over everything but the dark brown seat, silver-laced pommel and cantle, dark metal horn, D-rings for a breast collar, tooled leather stirrups, and double cinches.  The front is a padded cinch.  The rear cinch appears to have been added afterward, as the leather is thicker, a different color, and it simply runs through slots and under the saddle.  It is removable, though, so use it for working events and take it off for Pleasure!  It even comes with a midnight blue saddle cloth with a diamond-stitched border.    It's a really gorgeously made set! 

[Horse and saddle stand are not included.]


 Size:  Traditional

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