Wilton Cake Topper Horses, Set of 4

Wilton Cake Topper Horses, Set of 4


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Wilton Brands is a baking company that's been in business since 1929.  They sell cake pans in wonderful shapes, frosting bags, decorations - Lots of fun things.  They used to have a chain of retail stores as well.  Among the bins of assorted bride-and-groom toppers, race cars, etc., if you were lucky, you might find horses!  Their horses are approximately Stablemate size and made of a light, waxy plastic that's food-safe to be used in cake decorating.  These weren't known for great paint jobs, but they sure are exciting to put on cakes or keep as fun pieces in your collection.  (I have some in mine!)

This is a set of four, one each of the different styles.  They are in Excellent to Near Mint condition.


Size: approximately Stablemate size

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