Collector's Class - A Class Like No Other!

 Let's talk about Collector's Class!  I'm excited about this because Collector's Class is often one of the most fun classes in a show!  It's definitely the most fun for other exhibitors to look at.  It's your way of showing everyone, "Here's what I collect!" and getting to see what they collect.

Collector's Class is technically part of the Collectability Division, but is a very special class, different from all others.  While the rest of the show focuses on a single model for each entry, Collector's Class is a display of 12 models shown together!


Rules vary between shows, so always check the class list to make sure your display meets that show's requirements.  For our show, each exhibitor is limited to one entry, and a Collector's Class entry must include a display of 12 models.  They can be of any brand(s), sizes, etc., but all must be Original Finish - no customs.  The entire entry must use no more than a space 24" long by 24" wide.  Each model should include a card with information about its release, showing you know your collection well.

Different from many shows, we'll have you set up your Collector's Class entry at your own table, and will judge it first so you can then take it down and use your table for the rest of your models.  This will allow us to have people start setting up Driving entries in the ring(s) at the same time.

Here are some Collector's Class entries from Breyerfest 2012.  At Breyerfest, exhibitors go all out with super expensive models and ornate displays.  Yours doesn't have to compete with these, but these will give you an idea of what the top competitors do:


Collector's Class is very subjective, but is judged on several things, including presentation, condition of models, and how well they fit whatever them you have chosen.  What?  Theme?  Yes!

Some people choose their rarest or most valuable models.  Others choose one mold and show 12 different releases.  Or your theme could be twelve different models representing one breed or color.  What do you love?  Show us! Check out this entry that contained 12 of the very same model, all with slight color variations!  

Presentation is a big part of Collector's Class.  Most people create a display to show off their models, and accessories, shelving, mirrors, pretty much everything is allowed as long as it all stays within the maximum space.  Accessories and things will be part of the presentation, but the judge's focus will still mainly be on the 12 chosen horses, so the display should be made to show them off in the best way possible.  An entry of all Woodgrains (below) was displayed on a wooden "tree" with shelves coming off in all directions like branches, with the Woodgrains on each branch. 


A lot of people create stair-displays so they can display the horses better in that small space, and drape the stairs with a cloth that makes the display look great.  Stairs could be built from wood, purchased as "spice racks" from a store, or even made of boxes taped together.  Just make sure to practice with them at home to insure your horses will stand safely without being tippy, since other people will be setting up their displays and moving around, the table may get bumped.  Stair-displays are just one option - Be creative!  Just remember, we may use a tape measure to make sure you're totally inside the maximum space allowed.


And look at these (Isn't it fun to look at them?!)  The models don't have to be expensive to be displayed as a great collection.  This one showcased different pony and Mini molds, with a backdrop of kids and ponies and some Pony Club info:



This collector loves Misty of Chinoteague, so she showed off a variety of Misty and Stormy ponies from the many years they were made, along with photos and Misty books.  Notice the great little cards describing each model.  They're small and neat.


Once the entries are set up, everyone will be invited to walk around and look at them, so it will be a lot of fun!  I love seeing which horses people choose to represent their collection, and reading their info cards.  We all may learn something about a model we've never seen, or enjoy reading about "your first twelve models," or different types of Arabian horses....  Okay, I've given you a bunch of ideas, and you can come up with even more.  Let's see what  you come up with!

Collector's Class will be the first class in the show this year, and you may begin setting up as soon as you are unpacked, so you'll have time to put together your pretty display.  You don't HAVE to enter, of course, but it's a lot of fun putting together a special display to show off.

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