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We generally ship within 2 business days of your order.  Orders that are placed in the morning may even go out the same day!

For domestic shipping (to locations within the U.S.), we offer shipping via the US Postal Service and UPS.  

International orders ship by the US Postal Service to your country.  (Your country may require you to pick up your order at an import office and pay a tax - Familiarize yourself with your country's requirements before ordering.)

If we find we can ship your order by the method you choose (or faster) for less than our site charged you for shipping, we'll automatically refund you any shipping that's not needed.  (Some exceptions apply.  Please see our full Shipping Policy for more details.)

Order Cancellation Policy

If your order has not yet shipped and you need to cancel the order, you may contact us using our contact form or by email to make the request.  A re-stocking fee equal to 10% of your order total will apply, as we'll need to re-sort items, update inventory sheets and re-list the items online. 

If the order has already shipped out, it can no longer be canceled or changed.  Thank you for understanding.


Return Policy

We want to insure that you are very happy with the models you receive from us.  Because each model we sell is a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted collectible, every one is unique.  Slight differences in paint jobs are part of their collectability.  In-box items are as they came from the factory, and may contain factory variations or flaws.  Most of our retired models come to us on consignment from other collectors, so we are also responsible to them for the handling of their items.  For this reason, we do not accept returns on orders that have shipped out.  To keep this customer-friendly, we describe each out-of-box model carefully and include multiple photos for collectors to review as well.  We have an impeccable reputation with the collecting community for honesty and detailed descriptions, and often hear back that the customer would have graded the model's condition higher than we did.


Special Programs for our Customers!

Hold Your Horses!™ program

As a special service for our customers, we offer our Hold Your Horses! Program. The Hold Program is designed to save our regular customers money on shipping. Instead of paying to ship each order individually, the Hold Program allows you to order several times and pay for shipping once!

It is also a great option for when you need to delay having your models shipped due to weather, travel plans, etc.

Read more about the Hold Your Horses!™ program.


Payment Plan by Lay-Buy (powered by PayPal)

We offer a time payment program to help you budget for those bigger purchases!

To use the program, called “Lay-Buy powered by PayPal,” you will need a PayPal account. That’s the only catch, but means that the program's fee is very small (currently 1.9%!) and there's no interest!  Down payment of 30% is required (can be more if you like, and the down payment can be paid with a credit card). Then you can choose to finish paying in 1 or 2 additional monthly installments. Those installments must come out of a PayPal account… If you don’t yet have one, you will be guided through the easy process of setting one up. We love PayPal – They’ve proven to have better data security than any other payment processor.

Be aware that monthly payments are due on their due date, and missing any payment(s) will forfeit the items with no refund for completed payments. (This applies to order cancellations as well.) This is necessary to insure that models aren’t removed from our public site for extended periods and then not paid for, as we’re responsible to our consignors for selling their models in a timely manner.  Please make sure you plan ahead to have payment money in your PayPal account prior to the payment dates.

Get all the detail of our Payment Plan


Pony Points Rewards Program

What's better than buying model horses?  Getting rewarded for buying model horses!

Our Pony Points program rewards you when you order items, when you refer a friend, and even on your birthday!  To read all about it, click the little "Rewards" button in the bottom right corner of your screen.  As long as you're logged in at Triple Mountain, it will show your balance and tell you how you can redeem points.  If you're not logged in, it will take you to the login page instead, and then after you've logged in, you can click on "Rewards" again to see your Pony Points info.

[Legal: We reserve the right to change or cancel this program with no notice.  Pony Points have no monetary value on their own, and are given as a free bonus to customers who order, refer another customer, etc.  In the event of a program change or cancellation, no compensation will be made for unused Pony Points, since they have no monetary value.]

Model Listings and Model Info

Item Condition in our Listings

Item condition for collectibles is very subjective. We are your eyes while you decide whether to purchase an item, and we take that job seriously. We take a lot of time describing any condition issues we see so that you can make an informed decision about your purchase, just as if you were inspecting it yourself.

We begin our inspection report of each model with broad categories to summarize condition for you at a glance. Here is a basic overview of their intended meaning:

  • Factory Mint - Just as it came from the factory with no damage noted on inspection (does not equate to "perfect," as no factory-produced model is ever "perfect")
  • Near Mint - May have the tiniest of condition issues, such as eartip or hoof edge rubs, for example, but is beautiful overall
  • Excellent - May have one or more condition issues, but still displays beautifully
  • Very Good - May have several rubs or other issues, but no "fatal" flaws like breaks
  • Good / Body - Serious condition issues that make the model most suitable for play or customizing

The condition category is then followed by a detailed report. We list every rub, chip, break, yellowing and repair that we see.

We don't describe minor changes in detailing between models of the same release which occurred during production at the factory (i.e.: Smudged Appaloosa spot, slight masking slips, etc) unless they seriously affect displayability. 

Eleda personally inspects each and every item that is for sale on this site. She has been collecting model horses since the 1970's, so she generally has a good eye for condition. We often get emails from customers that include the line, "He's even better than I expected," which shows how much detail she puts into those inspections.  However, there's always the chance that she may miss something. We make no warranty that any model will be suitable for showing. All models are sold as-is. Please read their descriptions, inspect their photos and feel free to ask questions if you are unsure about an item's condition. We're always happy to answer questions, and we want our customers to love their new models!

Current-Production and Retired In-Box models don't get full inspections, since their box blocks the view of most of the model. 


Advanced Sale Items

From time to time, we are able to take pre-orders for items scheduled to be released at a future time.  We mark these items "Advance Sale" in their title and include release information the manufacturer has given us in their description.  Some of these items will be "regular run" items while others will be limited editions, available to dealers only once.  Allowing our customers to pre-order items before their release date helps insure that you don't miss out on limited editions and receive your new regular run models as soon as they're available.

There are a few caveats to pre-ordering that you should be aware of:  Manufacturers can change release dates or even cancel items.  We try to stay abreast of changes through our vendor reps and will update each item's page if we hear of changes.  If there is a significant change of date (involving two months' delay or longer), we will email everyone who pre-ordered it to inform them and offer a refund if they don't want to wait the additional period.  If an item is canceled by the manufacturer, cut from our order, or otherwise not available to us, we will automatically refund its purchase price to customers who pre-ordered it and email to let you know.

Also, pre-ordering may void your ability to open a dispute with your payment card company, because the item may not ship within their dispute time frame.  Please consider this when deciding whether to pre-order.  By pre-ordering, you acknowledge and agree to the item's estimated ship date as posted on its page, and the terms noted on this page.

Shipping cost for your order will be based on all items in the order shipping together.  If items arrive at different times (or you order a mix of in-stock and advance sale items), everything will be held here until your entire order is ready to ship.  To have items ship at different times, please place orders for in-stock items and advance sale items separately.  You may also email us to request that in-stock items ship immediately; however, additional shipping charges may apply, as USPS shipping costs more for multiple boxes than for a single one, and we charge per their rates.

We begin shipping the business day after we receive the items (since they arrive late in the evening here), so by pre-ordering, you may be one of the first to receive your special new horses!


Need Help Identifying or Finding a Value for a Model You Have?

Our favorite reference site for Breyer identification is Identify Your Breyer (abbreviated IDYB), found at  We use that site every single day!  We also contribute model photos to the site whenever we can, so it's possible that the model you buy from us may be pictured on IDYB!  (If the photo has a white background that matches the listing photo on our site, it's probably him.)

IDYB has a sister site called for CollectA models and WIA is currently having a site produced as well, so soon it will be easy to identify most of your valuable models.

Copperfox models can be identified on the Copperfox site, which currently lists both available and retired models here under "archives" in their main menu.

To use IDYB:

Determine your model's size 

Scale below is for adult horses.  Ponies and foals will be smaller.

    •    Traditional Size generally stand 9" - 11" tall to their highest point.
    •    Classic Size generally stand 4" - 6" tall.
    •    Little Bits (renamed to Paddock Pals later) generally stand 3" - 4" tall.
    •    Stablemates generally stand 1.5" - 2.5" tall.
    •    Mini Whinnies generally stand .75" - 1" tall.

Corral Pals (made for Breyer by CollectA) generally stand 4" - 5.5" tall.  They are identified on a separate website. (

Identify the model's mold

Once you've decided on your model's size, click on that category on IDYB, then find his mold.

The mold is the shape the horse is molded in (it has nothing to do with the paint job).  There are dozens of molds in each size, and many are similar, so you'll need to match every detail to insure you've got the right mold.  Check the position of each foot, the head, the tail.  If anything is different, keep looking - You'll find a match.

Find your model! 

Once you're sure you've found his mold, click on the mold page to see all of the releases (paint jobs) on that mold.  Again, many may be similar, so you must check not only basic body and mane/tail color, but also the number and placement of socks, face markings, etc.  Congratulations!  It's a great feeling to discover your model!  Now you'll know when he was made, and if he was a Special Run, where he came from and maybe even how many were produced!

Determining Value for your Model

  1. Identify your model by mold and release (such as Fighting Stallion, Woodgrain #931)
  2. Do an honest assessment of its condition.  Every bit of missing paint lowers the value some.  Chipped ears, breaks, repairs, and seam splits can lower the value tremendously.  Leave sentimentality out of it.  "Great condition for its age" is not a valid assessment.  If you're checking values, you need to assess your model like a stranger would who has lots of these models online to choose from.  What would they notice about yours? 
  3. Use our site or eBay to get a value estimate.  If you can match your model to one for sale on our site in similar condition, you'll have a good estimate.  If we don't have one currently, you can check eBay by searching for "Breyer <mold> <release> <# if you have it>."  Note:  Don't use items currently for sale as a gauge!  People can ask whatever they want to when they list a model; it doesn't mean it will sell for that much.  Always check the "sold" box on the left-side menu to see what people have actually paid for this model recently.  Then look into the listings to find ones that closely match your model's condition.  That will give you the most accurate idea of how much people would probably be willing to pay for your particular model.

Don't be surprised if your model is not worth as much as you paid for him originally.  That's very often the case.  Most Breyer models are made in the tens of thousands, so if even a small percentage of them are still in Factory Mint condition, that's often enough to satisfy the high-end collectors.  That means there are way more of most models available than there are collectors looking for that model.  There are, of course, exceptions to this:  Special Run models made in limited quantities, early decorator models, and certain molds that are currently popular can increase in value, so it's important to always treat your models as collectibles if you expect to sell them at some point in the future.

For information on selling through the Triple Mountain consignment program, check out our article on Consignments.


Data Security / Privacy Policy

Data Security

This is such an important factor in shopping these days, that we've chosen the company we believe to be the most secure in the world to handle our data.  Our host Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) is renowned for their high level of data security, and are certified PCI Level 1 compliant.  In order to be certified to this level, they meet all six categories of compliance standards set out by the industry:  Maintain a secure network, protect cardholder data, maintain a vulnerability management program, implement strong access control measures, maintain an information security policy, and regularly monitor and test their networks.  No one at Triple Mountain ever sees identifiable payment card data, and customer information needed for shipping (name and address) are kept secure on Shopify's network.  You'll notice that the url for every page of our site begins with https - The "s" signifies a secure site.  To the left of the address bar, the little padlock will be displayed as locked the entire time you're on our site as well, which is another way you can easily tell that a site is secure.

Privacy Policy

Read our full Privacy Policy here.


Environmental and Community Stewardship - We're Working on Becoming a B-Corp!

What's a B-Corp?

From the B-Corp website:

"B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.

B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Today, there is a growing community of more than 1,600 Certified B Corps from 42 countries and over 120 industries working together toward 1 unifying goal: to redefine success in business."

To become a certified B-Corp, a business must demonstrate sustained commitment to environmental and community well-being, placing those things above profit as a determining factor for success.  Triple Mountain, not yet incorporated, set up our store according to LEED and B-Corp recommendations, and has put in place many policies to insure that we continually meet B-Corp standards.  We have begun the certification process, and when we are ready to incorporate, we will continue on to become certified.

Find out more about B-Corps here.

The Triple Mountain Way

At Triple Mountain, we believe if something is worth doing, it's worth doing with integrity.  That means doing the right thing even when - especially when - it's not the easy option.  It means taking time to treat our customers the way we want to be treated, being honest in all things, and being as Earth-friendly as possible.  We are always striving to decrease our carbon footprint through increasing efficiency and reducing waste, while improving our local environment by planting locally-friendly plants and tending the forests of the Triple Mountain. 

Being a good steward of our Earth also means helping in the community.  We support local organizations and charities including the Hiram Historical Society, Jen's Friends Cancer Foundation - which helps families with costs associated with dealing with the disease, Starting Point - a woman's shelter, and Harvest Hills Animal Shelter.

For us, this isn't a business public relations plan; it's a lifestyle.  It's the Maine way, and it's the Triple Mountain way.

The Mountain:

We care for 300 acres of forestland called the Triple Mountain.  Over 250 acres have officially been placed into Tree Growth designation, which means they will remain forested forever.  The mountain is home to a wide variety of animals and plants.  The north side is open to the public for hikingalong the snowmobile trails that are maintained by the local snowmobile club in the winter.  (Use is at your own risk; no ATVS, please.)


Our Hiram store and our office are powered primarily by solar power.  Our store is lit 100% by LED lighting inside and out.  We use heat pumps for efficient heating and cooling and a solar hot water system for heating water.  A water barrel collects rain water from the store roof to water the plants and flowers around the store.

Shipping material:

We collect shipping boxes and packing material from local businesses for re-use, to reduce the amount of packing material that needs to be produced, and waste going to the landfill.  We hope that you'll recycle packing material you receive in orders from Triple Mountain.  Most shipping supply stores (UPS Store, Staples, etc) will accept packing material for re-use.

Charitable work:

We participate in fund-raising events for our local charities whenever we can.  Additionally, we maintain a consignment account for the benefit of the area animal shelter.  Harvest Hills is a shelter in Western Maine that struggles with funding due to their "we will not solicit for money" policy.  To help them protect and re-home animals in their care, we accept donations of model horses, with proceeds from the items' sale going straight to the shelter.  (If you'd like to donate any models, they can be dropped off at our shop with a note stating that they're for Harvest Hills, or mailed to us at Triple Mountain, 28 Nature's Way, Hiram, ME, USA 04041.)

To insure our stewardship is always on our minds, we monitor recycling vs. waste, water usage, electrical usage, and the state of our local land, air and water, as well as money donated to charity.  Sure, it can be a little more work to collect and store boxes and all that, but we're rewarded every day with the songs of birds in the trees, loons down on the pond, deer in yard, and the knowledge that all of these have a safe place to live and grow.  Triple Mountain is a special place, and we intend to insure it remains wild always.


Selling Your Models - Triple Mountain Consignment Program

Let Triple Mountain Handle Selling Your Collection

Please Note:  All of our consignment slots are currently full, as we have taken on two large collections shipping in to us in batches.  We don't expect to have an opening until partway through 2024.

Have a collection you'd like to sell? We accept consignments ranging from a few models to entire collections. Consigning your models with us is an easy way to sell your collection: We do all the work for you!  We are equipped to handle large quantities, and have handled over 1500 models from our consignors.

Here's how consigning works:

  • Contact us to see if we have an opening and to discuss whether we'd be a good fit for you.
  • If so, we'll email you a Consignment Agreement and safe packing instructions.
  • You ship us the models you wish to sell, along with a signed copy of our ConsignmentAgreement.
  • We inventory, photograph, and list them for sale on Triple Mountain Model Horses website. We also list some models on eBay and advertise on several different platforms to bring in collectors to our site.
  • Unsold models remain your property throughout the process, and you can request them back at any time.
  • Since we work on commission, we will work hard to get you the best price for each model. We have made tens of thousands of dollars for our consignors!

Consignments keep our inventory varied and exciting, and keep buyers coming back again and again! We look forward to talking with you about how we can help you sell your models. Please contact us for more information.

Models For Charity Donations

Everywhere, there are animals in need of help.  Here in Maine, sadly, it's no different, but there are additional challenges, like long, harsh winters and the fact that towns are so spread out from one another.  Because of this, we've set up a special consignment account here for Harvest Hills Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter that serves 19 towns in Western Maine.

Harvest Hills has been helping animals since 1992, and in that time, have helped more than 17,000 animals!  They have a no-solicitation policy, meaning they never actively seek out money... A nice policy, but it makes raising money more difficult.  They rely solely on donations and events held by other organizations and businesses like Triple Mountain to provide money to feed, provide medical care, and house the dogs and cats they take in.  They also provide behavioral evaluation and training to help these animals find their forever homes.

To assist them, we accept donations of model horses, which we sell in our Models For Charity section, with proceeds going to the shelter.  Donations can be of any size, brand, and condition.  We have received single body-quality models up through an amazing donation of fifty models all at once.  These donations are what keep our Models For Charity program running, and the shelter truly appreciates every single one.

To purchase models from our Models For Charity account, click here.

If you'd like to donate models to our Models For Charity program, you can drop them off either at Harvest Hills Animal Shelter's thrift shop in Fryeburg, Maine, our Triple Mountain store in Hiram, Maine, or mail them to:

Models For Charity
c/o Triple Mountain Model Horses
28 Nature's Way
Hiram, ME 04041

Thanks for your support!

Eleda, Roy, and the folks at Harvest Hills