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2024 New Releases!

Some are in stock; others are available to pre-order (those say ADVANCE SALE in the title). 

ADVANCE SALE ITEMS have an ETA posted on their item pages and will be updated if there are any changes.

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  • Why Do Some Model Horses Shrink While Others Do...

    A collector asked me this recently, and I really went down the rabbit hole in explaining.  I apologize to her... It was probably a much longer email than she was...

  • Surviving The Mongol Derby

    Many of us have heard of the Mongol Derby, an incredible horseback endurance race, where riders get assigned local Mongol horses and swap horses at stops along the way.  I...

  • Top Easter Treats for Animal Lovers - 2024

    It's nearly Easter, and if you're groaning at the thought of candy-filled baskets, we have a much better suggestion.  Model animals are more fun, healthier, and last a LOT longer...

  • Museum Putty Saves The Day (and the Horses)!

    I received this email a while back, and had to share (with the collector's permission).  It's easy to overlook safety items like Horse Racks or Museum Putty when you're ordering... ...

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Model Safety & Care Items

Keep your beautiful models safe with these items, specially designed to protect them from falls! Museum Putty, Horse Racks, string tags, and more...

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The Horse Lifestyle - Great Gifts!

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Harvest Hills Animal Shelter Charity

All models in this collection have been donated to support Harvest Hills Animal Shelter, which helps animals in need.

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One Percent To Charity

We believe that businesses should be good citizens, so in addition to our permanent charity account for Harvest Hills Animal Shelter, we also give one percent of total sales to charity. 

Our charity beneficiary changes occasionally, but right now we're supporting the great nonprofit in the green banner below.