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In the modeling business off and on since the 1950s, Hartland is known for portraits of famous people and horses, as well as their more general horse lines.  They have gone through several changes in ownership through the decades, so you may see a model designated as a "Paola Hartland" or "Steven Mfg" model, depending on who was producing the models at the time.

Hartland sizing is designated by Series.  Hartland originally used terms like "5-Inch Series," "7-Inch Series," etc.  This indicates the average length of adult models at their longest point, not their height, and does not necessarily mean that the model you're purchasing is that exact dimension.  Foals, of course, will be smaller than adults of that series.


Historical and release information on Hartland models was provided by Gail Fitch's well-researched books, including Hartland Horses And Dogs, Hartland Horsemen, and Hartland Horses: New Model Horses Since 2000.  They can be purchased from Gail's website.  See for purchasing information.

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