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Triple Mountain's life-sized Appaloosa named Treasure by our customers

Thanks to everyone who suggested names - We received 114 names and we loved them all.  Our team here narrowed them down to a list of finalists, selecting names that we thought fit her, were fun, and would be easy for visitors to remember so they could greet her when they come to the store.  Then we let YOU pick the winning name!

The winning name, Treasure, received the most votes.  It was suggested by Zoe B., Miriam W., and Melissa R. 

Coming in a very close second was Freckles, followed by Acadia (which is Maine's only National Park), Sprinkles, and Dottie.


You guys did a great job - Any of those names would been wonderful, but Treasure suits her perfectly.  She's a treasure to us, Triple Mountain is a treasure to collectors, and she hides a little "treasure hunt" of specially shaped spots that you can try to find.

Now that she has a name, we'll be ordering a sign that will list her "treasure hunt" shapes so that everyone who comes to see her can try to discover them all.  If you're within driving distance, she loves to have her photo taken with people, and we love to see photos of her with visitors, so post them to our Facebook page!

Watch for more fun to come with Treasure, who will be a very active member of our team.  As you can see, someone has already given her a sun hat for summertime... We welcome accessory ideas and gifts to dress her for seasons and holidays!  If you're a costumer and would like to make her a special outfit or accessory, let us know!


A big welcome to Treasure and a big thank you to everyone who suggested a name and voted!

~ Eleda

Eleda with Treasure, Triple Mountain's mascot 2019-8-31



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