Best of Maine Toy Store, 2021!

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Edit 8/19:  We were given a great little segment on the television show "207" tonight!  What a great surprise.  Click here to watch - Our part starts at 55 seconds in.

Thanks to everyone who voted for us in Down East magazine's Best of Maine contest!   We were chosen as Down East's Editor's Pick for Best Toy Store!  <insert happy dance here!!!!!!>


2021 Down East Magazine Editor's Pick for Top Toy Store: Triple Mountain Model Horses

Above is from Down East Magazine, September 2021 issue, page 76.  Wow, what an amazing honor!  We're still cheering here - We just received the copy of the magazine with the announcement in it! 

Down East is a large, well-respected magazine about Maine and New England, with subscribers around the world who love this special area.  To have become a Top Five Finalist our very first year entering is beyond incredible, and for the editors to choose us as their pick blows us away.  We thank every one of you who put in a vote for us... They mentioned that we were one of the only businesses in the entire competition who had not only votes from across the US, but international votes, too.  You all know who you are, and we thank you!  You helped us get their attention in a big way!

This incredible publicity will help us continue to grow and source even more wonderful models for you.  We hope it will also help Maine collectors who feel alone in their hobby to see that we're here and they AREN'T alone.  That can be a big issue up here, since people live in such far-flung areas.  As a bonus bit of news... We've broken ground to prepare for building our new, larger store!


Ground Breaking for new Triple Mountain store - Day 1, August 2021

Day 4:

Groundbreaking for larger Triple Mountain store - August, 2021

If you come to visit, the outdoors area will be a bit messy for a while, but now you know why!  We've got more trees to take down and a lot of dirt to move before we begin.  It will take a rather long time, as we're doing as much ourselves as we can, but we're hoping to have room in the new store for customizing clinics, meet-and-greets, and more! 

Great things are happening!  Thanks for being along with us for the ride!

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  • Oh my! I’m so happy to be a part of your growing family. I always look forward to new horses. I just turned 70 and happy to have my collection to keep me occupied. I’m a former Semi Truck Driver, been right past your place. I drove 48 states and Canada for many yrs. Now I just enjoy looking at any adding to my collection with your help. I’m glad I have my plastic and resin horses to keep me occupied. Always look forward to adding new horses from your store. Happy Hugs to You!!!
    Hugs, Marla

    Marla Gunter on
  • CONGRATULATIONS!! 🎆🎇✨🎉🎊 You guys deserve it. And good luck on your building project!

    Adah on
  • Congratulations on a job well done
    Linda F

    Linda Fleshman on
  • This is so awesome! Love the wording they used in the write-up.
    I hope to visit your store in person some day…but I love receiving my on-line orders from TMMH…always packed perfectly with a special note on packing slip and POP ROCKS .

    Andrea Pituch on
  • Congrats guys!!!!

    Karen on

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