Breyer Flagship Model and Mid-Year Release Updates EDIT: 5/18/21

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For those of you who pre-ordered the Flagship model Livingston, we've been told to expect them in the next ten days or so.  Hooray!

May 18th update:  Well, so much for the above.  Now we're being told sometime in June!  Hang in there, folks.  It's a weird year.  Such a weird year. ~ Eleda

Breyer 2021 Flagship Model Livingston (promo image)
[Breyer promo image of Livingston]

All of ours sold out within an hour of being released for preorders, back in December!  If you weren't able to get yours from us, please start checking your local retailers to see if they will have any available.


Mid-Year Releases

Breyer Mid-Years are like everything else this year: Different!  They announced the new Stablemates singles this week (and they're AMAZING), along with a lovely new CollectA Donkey. 

But that's not all that's coming....  Per Breyer, more Mid-Year releases will be announced sometime next month, so stay tuned.  I hope they continue spreading them out - I think it's better for everyone.  It's less of an impact on our wallets all at once as collectors, which is great.  It's also better fore retailers, as it keeps folks coming to their stores and websites regularly.  Whether they continue doing this in the future is yet to be seen, but they've got my vote.  We all like to see new ponies frequently!

Be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter so you'll be among the first to hear when new releases are available to preorder.  There's a sign-up box at the bottom of our website.  (If you're on Facebook, Follow us there, also, for new release announcements!)

Here are the cuties that were just announced.  Their ETA to us is near the end of June.  You can read more and preorder yours with us by clicking any image:


CollectA Donkey:

CollectA Donkey new for 2021

New Stablemates Singles:

Breyer Stablemates Alborozo Rose Grey #6920 at Triple MountainBreyer Stablemates Irish Sport Horse, Bay Appaloosa at Triple MountainBreyer Stablemates Cantering Morgan, Black at Triple Mountain
Breyer Stablemates Cob, Blue Roan Pinto #6920 at Triple MountainBreyer Stablemates Standing Friesian, Buckskin at Triple MountainBreyer Stablemates Standing Thoroughbred, Palomino Pinto at Triple Mountain
These colors are incredible!  We can't wait to meet them all!
~ Eleda

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