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Hi everyone!

We've just received a big order from Breyer and are back in stock on some models we had run out of.  These guys are now here and ready to be adopted:

Breyer Traditional Justify Triple Crown Champion Thoroughbred at Triple MountainJustify (Traditional Carrick mold) with garland

Breyer Shadow Clydesdale Foal with blanket and bracelet at Triple MountainShadow (Clydesdale Foal in dark bay/black pinto) with blanket

Breyer Stablemates Western Play Set at Triple MountainSM Western Play Set

Breyer Picasso at Triple MountainPicasso (Desatado mold) Mustang Stallion of the Sand Wash Basin

Breyer Carltonlima Emma at Triple MountainCarltonlima Emma, Queen Elizabeth II's Fell Pony

Breyer 2018 Snow Globe at Triple Mountain2018 Holiday Snow Globe "Gift of Love"

CollectA Belgian Mare at Triple MountainCollectA Belgian Mare

Veterinarian Laura w/ Vet Kit


Oh, and the order contained some very special models that you may have missed out on when they first came out... Breyer let us purchase just a few of each and we'll reveal them on Black Friday... One at 9am and one at noon (Eastern US time) at special holiday prices!

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