Breyerfest Special Runs and Limited Editions, Coming Soon! SPOILER: 7 Arts Surprise

Whew, we all survived Breyerfest weekend!  Now we're just waiting for models to be shipped from Breyer.  This is a quick update to let everyone know that we will have a very limited number of Breyerfest SRs and Limited Editions available, and they'll go online the Friday evening of whatever week they arrive, so keep watching!  I expect they'll go fast.  We've already pre-sold a couple, but the rest will wait until they land here.

Among them, we expect to have five 7 Arts Surprise models to sell.  SPOILER:  The model has been revealed by sellers on eBay to be the Dundee Australian Stock Horse model.  He's got some amazing coat colors for this group of releases, so if you love him, get ready to grab ours when they go online!

Breyer is beginning to ship Breyerfest orders now, so stay tuned for your chance to buy the ones you need when they arrive here.

Have a model day!


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