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I think capitals and exclamation points are definitely called-for here.  Bertie is only available at special Copperfox events, and until now has only been sold in-person.  This marks the first time Bertie has been available for online sales, thanks to our US retail debut!

That said, we've had to put some stipulations on his sale, to help insure that our very limited number of Berties will each get to a good home, rather than all be bought by one person and resold.  I think most collectors will appreciate that we've put these stipulations in place:

1)  There is a one-per-person limit for Bertie.

2)  Anyone wishing to purchase a Bertie purchase at least $200 in merchandise (any items on our site) at the same time to qualify to buy Bertie.  (This prevents someone from getting all their friends and relatives to buy one so they can resell them in bulk...That's a lot harder to do if they have to make a minimum purchase!)  The $200 does not include Bertie's price.

Now for the tricky part!

3)  You cannot order Bertie as you would a normal item from our store.  To get yours, once you've added at least $200 in other items to your shopping cart, he'll magically appear at the top of the shopping cart page with a button to add him if you like.

We fill all orders personally, so anyone who tries to circumvent these restrictions will NOT get a Bertie, and will make us grumpy.  Please don't make us grumpy. :-p

Copperfox Welsh Cob Tour Model Bertie

(Photo above is of the original resin test model.  The plastics look incredible, too!)

Bertie is a handsome bay pinto on the Welsh Cob mold.  With his bold markings, body shading, little black braid behind his right ear, and that spectacular flying trot, he's sure to be one of the stars of your collection!

Only 250 were made, and as stated earlier, only a few have been made available at each of Copperfox's special events.  They have never been sold through their website (or anyone else's).

Like all Copperfox models, Bertie comes safely boxed in his special Union Jack Flag box, and includes his signed COA and other goodies. 

Copperfox Welsh Cob Bertie

I wish we had enough for everyone who wants them, but we only have a handful, so they'll be first-come, first-served, when Copperfox officially debuts on 4/10!


So, who plans on camping out at their computer overnight Sunday?  The whole line is set to go live at midnight Eastern Time.  I will be at the computer for a short time after midnight to make sure things go smoothly, then I'll be back at the office mid-morning, rested and ready to help pack up all the ponies going to new homes!

~ Eleda


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