It's Earth Day 2018 (and we sell plastic models. How does that work?)

It sounds hypocritical to talk about Earth Day when our business centers around selling plastic models... Even more so since this year's Earth Day theme is "End Plastic Pollution."  However, most of the models we sell will remain "in use" (in other words, in collections) for decades, and not become pollution.

Most of you know that we are big proponents of going green:  Both our office and retail shop are powered mainly by solar electricity, hot water is also heated with the sun, we use efficient heat pumps to heat and cool the buildings, and we recycle everything that we can (including the building that became our shop!).  One of our goals this year is to become a B-Corp, which will indicate that we continually meet tough requirements around being socially and environmentally conscious as a business.

Some of your orders have probably arrived in boxes that once held dog biscuits, coffee, or printed materials.  We take time to collect boxes from local businesses to give them a second use.  The same goes for much of our packing material.  One large office building saves bubble wrap and air bags in 100-gallon bags for us.  We bring them home, remove packing tape and other debris, and give them another use, reducing the amount that needs to be produced each year.

This picture, taken in our Packing and Shipping area (Hold Shelves are in the background), shows one of the giant bags of bubble wrap that we'll re-use.  On the corner of the Shipping table is a the small ball of tape and stuff that we've removed from a huge bag like this one... Instead of that whole bagful of plastic going into the waste stream, only that tiny ball goes into the trash.  The rest is perfectly good and gets a second life, safely bringing your models to you!

Recycling Plastic Bubble Wrap at Triple Mountain


We hope that you'll continue our mission by re-using or recycling all the packing materials that come your way.  Perhaps a local business that ships items could re-use them?  Maybe an antique store would like them to wrap purchases in?  Clean packing peanuts can often be dropped off at a UPS store and some other packing supply stores, or perhaps you know a model customizer that would like them for shipping customs safely.  There are lots of great ways to keep these things in use as long as they remain useful.

Large boxes may be appreciated by a friend who is moving, or for yourself to store holiday decorations and other things in, or any size boxes can always go to your local recycling center.

And, of course, models in rough shape shouldn't be thrown away, either!  Customizers are always looking for body models, kids need carpet herds and art projects, and you can always donate unwanted models to our animal shelter charity account.  Donated models are sold with the proceeds going to Harvest Hills Animal Shelter.  That way the models get "re-used" at a new home, and animals are helped at the same time.

Model people are creative people, so we know you can come up with even more ways to help end plastic pollution while enjoying this wonderful hobby!


Eleda's attempt at keeping as much plastic in one place as possible:
Don't worry about those empty shelves on the left... They're quite full already! *grins*


We're celebrating Earth Day 2018 with a flash sale!  All items in our shop are 10% off when you use code


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