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We had a great time at The Maine Event model show on Sunday.  They started us off with a smile as we pulled up to the building and saw this:


We got to visit with model folk we've known for more years than I ought to admit, and meet some great folks we haven't had the opportunity to meet before.  People came from as far away as Vermont (Hi to Christie from Guy's Farm and Yard!) and the mood was complete fun!  In fact, it was the most fun I've ever had at a show, and I really hope more of these schooling shows start popping up.

While the show was in full swing, our mobile store was busy and models were finding new homes.  Here's a good portion of the show group that we wrangled into posing for us during lunch break with their new additions:

Meanwhile, in front of the building, our mobile store was busy and models were finding new homes.  Here's a good portion of the show group that we wrangled into posing for us during lunch break:  The Maine Event show with Triple Mountain

You were all such great sports!

...And the models!  Wow, the models!  We've seen thousands of models come through Triple Mountain, so when I say wow, you know I mean it. 

Below check out the glossy charcoal Fighter, the glossy test sorrel Lady Phase (she was stunning), and to their right - that Mustang was originally a Gold Florentine that the factory painted over into a buckskin.  For model folks, it's like coming face to face with the model version of the Holy Grail!

The Maine Event Model Horse Show 2018 with Triple Mountain

More beauties - The Maine Event Model Horse Show 2018 with Triple Mountain

and even more!  Check out the super light-colored glossy Clydesdale Stallion, the Fury music box next to him and the flocked Clydesdale mare here, plus the Woodgrain Shetland.... Oh, and the Breezing Dixie lying down is believed to be a painter's sample, as she has hand-painted Appy spots, hand-painted striped hooves, and a notation under one foot.  Awesome model overload in this building!!!

The Maine Event Model Horse Show 2018 with Triple Mountain


So, on to the show.  The part I am so excited about with these schooling shows is that everyone who participates can also judge each class!  Exhibitors are given judging sheets and shown how to fill them out properly for results to be recorded by the show host afterward.  Experienced judges mingle with first-timers to provide their thoughts on what is important to them, helping train the eyes of those who are new to judging.

(Below - Exhibitors judging a class of vintage clinkies)The Maine Event Model Horse Show 2018 with Triple Mountain

They are also encouraged to bring along ribbons or awards for each placing, and to be creative with them, as long as they adhere to the standard color scheme so everyone knows the order they were placed.  We saw some awesome ideas for simple placings:  Everything from printed paper ribbons to foam shapes to seashells... even wrapped chocolates and poker chips!

The Maine Event show with Triple Mountain


To keep it fair, anyone showing in the class cannot place their own model - They have to judge around it.  First and second place ranked models in each class are given cards to make them eligible to show in the Region's championship show (but no NAN cards).   After each class has been judged, people explain why they ranked them as they did, and others are welcome to ask questions about  placings.  This is superb, because not only do new folks get to learn more about what judges are looking for - and each judge is a little different - but also, one person may have noticed something someone else missed, making us all better judges.  It was all done with a spirit of fun and mutual learning, and that's what made it the best show I've ever been to!

For anyone thinking of holding a show in your area, I recommend you visit the Region X Facebook page or hook up with a judge from this region to learn more about how they've set this up.  For example, to prevent it from running long, the show is limited to ten exhibitors and has a limited class list.  It's a great format for a show host, too, since it reduces the money spent on ribbons and things - each exhibitor can come up with their own!

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