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I was recently thinking about the background music in our store.  Specifically, I wanted to get rid of the radio, which has poor reception due to our being in a hollow between mountains.  If I'm going to upgrade our music, it ought to be themed, right?  So I set out to build a playlist of horse-themed songs.

There were several lists online of songs "containing the word horse."  However, most of them included sad songs, like "Yellow Stud," where the bucking horse dies to insure he never gets ridden.  Not the kind of music we want to play in our happy little store!  What followed was two days of listening to every horse-themed song I could find and choosing "safe" ones - ones that wouldn't make anyone cry, especially me!  I really didn't want to include "Wildfire," where the horse dies in a blizzard and so does his owner, but it's such an iconic song (and one of Roy's favorites) that I ended up adding it at the end.  

Here is the playlist I came up with.  A few songs are "cowboy" or "cowgirl" themed rather than specifically horse-themed, but that's because they're some of my favorites, and it's my list, so there.  Music ranges from old country to hard rock and many styles in between, making a fun, diverse playlist.  If you'd like to create your own playlist from these songs, most can be purchased on itunes or other music sites, and you can also find many, with their videos, on youtube.

So what other (non-sad) horse songs have I missed?  Leave a comment with your favorites.

Note:  The song count and playlist run time below are no longer accurate, as we've added more songs from your suggestions!


Triple Mountain's Horse Music Playlist



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I forgot one… Comanche (The Brave Horse) by Johnny Horton


Rodeo Girls (Tanya Tucker), My Cowboy’s Getting Old (Tanya Tucker), Ponies (Michael Johnson, El Paso (Marty Robbins), The Blizzard (Jim Reeves- a real tear-jerker), God Must Be A Cowboy At Heart (Dan Seals), Dark Horse (George Harrison), Appaloosa Stallion (Linda McCartney), Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold) (Dan Seals), Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones), Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite (The Beatles…"And of course, Henry the horse dances the waltz…)
That’s a few I can think of.


How about the theme song to “Mr. Ed”?


Wiskey for my Men, Beer for my Horses.
Country song with Willie Nelson.


I was just reminded of a horse song when working on my blog today: Horace the Horse (On the . Merry-Go-Round). YouTube has at least two versions: one sung by Eddy Arnold and another sung by Burl Ives. It’s a really sweet song — a kids’ tune, really.


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