Important: Change to Breyer Wooden Carry Stables *EDITED 10/29*

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Hi Everyone,

EDIT 10/29:  Breyer has again changed the photo on their web page, after verifying that the ones that were up when we inquired on 10/27 were the new ones.  We're not sure what models will come with this set at this point. 

Also, they have removed models from the promo photo of the Unicorn Carry Stable on their site, so those models are up in the air as well.

Everyone who has pre-ordered this item with us has been sent an email 10/28.  If you have pre-ordered and don't see the email, please check your spam folder.  If you pre-ordered and would like to cancel due to this change, please email .  There will be no restocking fee if you cancel before November 2nd.

Some of you may like the new assortment of models better, and if you'd like to keep the item on your order, you need not reply to the email. 

I have updated the item listing with all of the new photos as of October 28 at 3:20pm.

This is an unusual change - We know that promo photos sometimes differ from production models slightly, usually a slight change in color or in packaging, but this is the first time we have seen three models out of six be swapped out.  It is probably due to production issues because of COVID slowdowns, but regardless, we're here to keep you informed!

If you haven't ordered and want to, we still have some available here:  


Here are the three versions of the horse stable we've seen so far, leaving it a complete mystery what they will send:

Version 1 - Sent to retailers in September for ordering:

Breyer Wooden Carry Stable first version promo photo


Version 2 - posted on as of 10/27



Breyer Wooden Carry Stable - second version promo photo



Version 3 - posted to sometime on 10/28:

Breyer Wooden Carry Stable third version promo photo


Models in the newest image don't appear to be fully painted, creating even more confusion.  We've never seen them do anything like this before, so we're not sure what to expect.

Again, we'll post in-hand photos once they arrive, which is still supposed to be "sometime in November."

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  • The unicorn set does have a new image on their website. It`s just not the first picture. They show the same three molds Xs 2 just like view 3 here does. Plus the horns. LOL


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