It's a Schleich Party! - New Arrivals!

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You asked for more Schleich and we've got them!  We just added an entire Schleich section into our store, including some 2019 new releases!

For a short time, we'll be including a new Schleich brochure with every order shipped, and for their debut weekend here - March 29 - March 31, 2019 - we're celebrating with 10% off all Schleich models!


(Click on any image to go to its page.)


We LOVE the new Pony Agility Training Set.  Check this out - It comes with two model horses, one person, tons of fun accessories!  The cones and pole holders can be rearranged to form jumps, and the bridge can be reversed to become a seesaw!  The gate opens and the curtains move... There's just a lot of fun to be had here, and as a bonus, this is scaled to also fit CollectA!

To join in the fun, there's a new Friesian dressed for "tournament" (eventing) that might enjoy the agility set:


Also new this year are the Moon Unicorn Stallion, the Star Pegasus Mare, and Shooting Star Unicorn Foal.  They are all great new additions, and if someone you know loves purple, they're going to be head over heals for these new pretties!




Our favorite - We fell in love with the Star Pegasus Mare, and you can see why!  She's so dainty and we love her clear wing tips, braided tail and gold accents.

and even though we specialize in horses, we do carry some other animals, and we absolutely couldn't resist their brand new Maine Coon Cat!  With his big paws and tufted ears, he makes our state proud!  We adore him!


We hope we'll get to add some Schleich to your upcoming orders!

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