It's NaMoPaiMo time! ....What's That?

NaMoPaiMo 2019Join in the fun of this international model horse event!  You don't even have to leave your house!

NaMoPaiMo, short for National Model Painting Month, was started in 2017 by Jennifer Buxton of Braymere Saddlery and was an instant hit!  Last year over 450 models were painted by people around the world during the event!

To participate, check out Jennifer's NaMoPaiMo web page at:

You'll get to register, then join in the fun discussion and photo sharing on the event's Facebook page... which as already begun!  It doesn't matter what your skill level is or whether you've ever painted a model horse before - It's all for fun and community-building.  If you ask for feedback, folks will offer you some tips along the way.  Otherwise, everyone just loves seeing other people's pictures - They inspire other folks to give it a try.

Oh, and yes, there are prizes!  Prizes are donated by artists and awarded at Jennifer's discretion.  Eleda isn't entering this year - Too many new releases to ship! - but last year, she won a beautiful resin horse head pin that she adores! 

So, grab a body quality model (we have a bunch available), register at Braymere's site before January 31st, and start dreaming up the color for your new custom!  Paint up your horse during February and post his pictures on their site... It's a lot of fun!


Eleda shows off her artist-made pin from 2018.

Eleda at Triple Mountain with NaMoPaiMo prize pin from 2018

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