NaMoPaiMo Project - The Debut of the Uniquine™!

NaMoPaiMo (National Model Painting Month) gave me the opportunity - and the nudge - I needed to work on a customizing medium that I've been playing with for a couple of years behind the scenes.  And so, here he is, in honor of our upcoming 15th wedding anniversary: 

Triple Mountain Uniquine

Since today is the deadline to post photos on the NaMoPaiMo page, and he's just finished drying, I didn't take time to set up a nice photo shoot for him, but hopefully you'll enjoy the horse and this new technique, which we'll be making available for special customs soon on our website.

As far as we know, this is the first time a truly personalized custom decorator-style model can be created using images you choose.  We searched and experimented with different types of transfers until we found a very special medium that works well on curving surfaces, like the muscles of a model horse.  We can do images of you (or someone you love), your real horse, your stable logo... Just about anything you like!  The process has been trademarked by Triple Mountain as a Uniquine™, and they're wonderful as very special gifts, as "signs" for your show table, trophies for shows, and more.  More info to come when we make them available to order.

Meanwhile, here are more photos of the colorful Family Stallion (I collect the mold) Uniquine™ created for our upcoming anniversary:

Triple Mountain Uniquine

Triple Mountain Uniquine

Triple Mountain Uniquine

We gave this guy a gilded mane, tail, and hooves to represent our wedding rings, then adorned him with images of us together, the dates of our first date and wedding, and accented him with a rainbow of hearts representing the rainbow of colored ribbons used in our handfasting (wedding) ceremony. 

Our wedding anniversary is on May First, but happy early anniversary to my best friend Roy!  My only other custom FAS was painted by him, so our anniversary Uniquine™ will join "Specktacular" on the FAS shelf.


NaMoPaiMo was a lot of fun.  I hope you got a chance to participate!  If not, look ahead to next February, when you can be sure it will happen again, and you can join hundreds of collectors and artists all customizing models for fun and the sense of community it creates.  Thanks to Jennifer Buxton for organizing such a fun annual event!


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