Breyer New Releases Will Be Announced Soon!

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This is typically the week that Breyer announces their new releases for the next year. 

We expect to receive the information digitally this week, and when we do, we're on it!  We immediately turn off email, social media, and even stop packing orders for a few hours so we can set up the new items on our site.


As soon as we have them all set up, we'll make them available for you to pre-order.  Pre-ordering is very popular, since some items inevitably run out of stock from Breyer.  It's a great way to make sure you have your models reserved.

Models usually ship to us at the end of January or early in February.  We start packing and shipping pre-ordered models as soon as they land here, so if you pre-order, you'll be among the first of our customers to receive them.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I use the Lay-Buy payment plan for pre-orders?

Yes!  Your models won't ship, of course, until you've fully paid them off, but the payment plan can help you budget for all of your favorites.

What happens if Breyer has delays in getting models shipped?

We will post any changes right on the item's page on our site so you can find them anytime.  If there are significant delays (8 weeks or more beyond the estimated arrival) we'll email each person that ordered them to let them know, and see if they want to cancel or wait along with everyone else for their arrival. 

What about Flagship and Holiday items?

Breyer usually announces both of these items at the same time as the new releases, and if they do, we'll make them available for pre-order at the same time.  Usually, the Flagship model arrives here in late April, while the Holiday items don't arrive until the end of September.  We strongly recommend that you place SEPARATE orders for these items because of the waiting time.  If you order regular models on the same order, they'll be put on Hold here until the rest of your order comes, as we ship everything together.  Simply place separate orders for your Flagship, Holiday, and regular models, so that each can ship when it arrives.  Regarding the Flagship model:  We are limited in the amount we can purchase, and it often sells out by pre-order the first day that it's announced, so if you want it, please put in your order immediately! 


Again, once Breyer sends us the info, we will be turning off email and social media, so please be patient while we set up the items on our site.  Feel free to keep checking our site to see when they pop up.  They'll show up in our New section.  We will also post an announcement to Facebook after they're up.

Thanks for playing ponies with us!


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  • YAY! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to meet these beauties!

    Fallen Feather Studios on

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