New Pony Points Program

Don't Panic.  We love Pony Points, too, and they're not going away!

Our original loyalty program showed us that collectors love to collect (who'd have guessed!?) and use Pony Points for discounts... but the program itself had a lot of quirks, so we've moved to a new loyalty provider.  Aww, come on - No groaning.  You'll like it!

What will this mean for you?
  • Balances have been moved to the new program (see below)
  • Easier-to-understand rewards
  • Smoother checkout process
  • Easier to see your balance and rewards history


The new program lets you earn discount coupons at set intervals... Much easier than figuring out how many points you need to use to get how much off your order.  For example, you could earn a $10 coupon once you collect 1000 Pony Points, or keep collecting to get a $20 coupon once you collect 1950 points or $40 for 3900 points... So the value increases the longer you save!  When you decide to redeem your points for the discount coupon, the program will award you a unique discount code to enter at checkout. Simple!



Let me repeat:  Don't Panic.  *smiles*

If you were enrolled in the previous loyalty program, as long as you've made a purchase since March, we moved your points balance to the new program.  (Those who signed up, but haven't ordered since March, will need to sign up and start a fresh balance.  That's because these programs aren't free to us - We pay a monthly fee to run them at Triple Mountain, and the fee is tiered based on the number of customers in the system, so we only moved over people who had made purchases.)

In many cases, this will result in more points in your balance than you may expect.  Several of you had duplicate accounts - perhaps you'd forgotten your log-in and started fresh, or changed email addresses - We spent a lot of time sleuthing behind the scenes to try to consolidate duplicate loyalty accounts.  When we found a duplicate, we tried to determine which of the two accounts you've used most frequently, and assigned the balance to that account.  If they were used equally, we generally chose the one that did NOT use hotmail or yahoo as the email address.

I know better than to say the change will be seamless - I've survived enough software "upgrades" at past jobs to know that they are never seamless.  Since we moved balances manually and consolidated duplicates based on our best guess, there may be a few of you who have trouble seeing your balance (you may be logging in under the email we didn't use).  If this happens, and you've made a purchase since March, please email Eleda and she'll help you find that balance.  If you haven't made a purchase since March, please re-enroll when you're ready to do so.

Most everyone will find this an improvement, I'm sure.  It will also offer us more freedom to play with new ways of rewarding you for your loyalty (we love you guys!). 


Hold Your Horses Program note - Only one discount code can be entered per order, so if you're redeeming a reward coupon and want your order to go into our Hold Program, just drop Eleda an email or add a note to the order at checkout telling us to put it on Hold.

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