Shipping in the Summer Heat

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It's officially the hottest part of summer, and many places around the US and the world are experiencing heat waves.

We recommend that you consider the temperatures when deciding to have models shipped this time of year.  Models can be damaged by extreme temperatures, such as those they may encounter on box trucks and airport tarmacs during transport. 

Did you know that an airport tarmac (the asphalt where the cargo sits on carts waiting to be loaded and unloaded) has been measured at up to 172 degrees Farenheit (78C)?!?

Models can suffer bent legs, finish damage, even bloating and seam splits when exposed to temperatures over about 85F (29C) for more than about twenty minutes.  All models can be affected, but those with thin legs, custom finishes and models without air vent holes can be damaged most quickly.

A delay in getting loaded at an airport can result in something like the guy on the left here:

[Photo credit Bloaty Facebook page]


Woodgrains can bubble under their finish, as this guy has:  

[Photo from Eleda's collection]

Bloating and seam splits can be "fatal" to models.  Bent legs are much more common, and while they can be fixed, they make for a disappointing first meeting.

 [Photo credit Triple Mountain]


While we haven't had any incidences of heat damage reported in boxes we've shipped, it's a warning I like to put out.  We won't tell anyone we won't ship to them, so if you order and choose to have your order ship out, we'll ship it.  We can't be responsible for how the carrier handles the box, which is why we pack very carefully, but no amount of packing can protect a package sitting on a hot box truck for 12 hours or an airport tarmac during a slow plane unload.

Most retailers give you only two choices: order and it ships, or don't order.  At Triple Mountain, we offer another option that can insure you don't miss out on that special model, while also protecting it from the summer heat - Our special Hold Your Horses Program.  Using our Hold Program, you can purchase models when they appear, and have us set them aside on our Hold Shelves until you're ready for them to ship.  If you are uncomfortable with shipping in the heat of summer, or because a hurricane is approaching your region, or for any other reason that could cause issues for your package in transit, you're welcome to use our Hold Program.

Models in the Hold Program may remain here for up to six months, and during that time you may continue to add to your Hold Herd.  When using the Hold Program, you don't pay for shipping until you're ready for them to ship, so when you're ready for your Hold Herd to ship, simply email Eleda (or use our site's contact form) to request a shipping invoice.  That invoice will come by email and needs to be paid within 3 days.  Once paid your herd will ship right out.

(That's the short version - All the program rules and specifics are here.)


We've just doubled our Hold Shelf space, so feel free to take advantage of this program anytime you need to delay shipping for a little while.

Stay cool, everyone!



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