The Models are Safe - Only Their Prices are Falling!

Posted by Eleda Towle on

Thanks for making us one of the largest retired-model dealers in the world.  Now we want to become the largest current-run model dealer as well.  Starting this week, all current-run Breyer, Hagen-Renaker and CollectA models will be priced at MAP, which means Manufacturer's Minimum Allowed Pricing. 

[Insider Info:  Dealer agreements from all the major manufacturers include MAP for their items... This is the least they'll allow us to sell them for legally.  The purpose of MAP is to ensure fairness between dealers and to protect the value of the items.  Dealers can price their items higher than MAP, but not lower, or they could lose their dealership.]

We have adjusted all of our current-production models to MAP for all manufacturers - That means you won't find them priced lower at any dealer anywhere!

You can buy from us with the confidence of knowing your order will be shipped quickly, packed safely, and you'll have gotten the best price available!


This may occasionally exclude certain Special Runs like Flagship-only models.  Once discontinued, models will be priced according to the collectibles market and will change with the market price.


Happy collecting!

Eleda and Roy


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