The Ugly Box Brigade

With 2019 Breyers shipping out this week, I think it's a great time to talk about the way we pack models to ship.

We love ugly shipping boxes!  When you order model horses at Triple Mountain, your order may come in an "ugly box."  Those are boxes we collect from local businesses, so you may get your order in a box that once held coffee cup lids, potato chips, etc. Often we even cut them down to fit your order.  Why?

Model Horses shipping out from Triple Mountain

[One day's shipment of model horse orders packed in cut-down boxes, from a load in the summer of 2017]


It takes us extra time to cut down a box, and it doesn't generally look pretty, so why would we do it?  Simply:  Because we care.  Fitting a box to your order is better for you, for your horses, and for our Earth. 

Shipping cost through all of the major carriers is determined by both box weight and dimensions.  By cutting down a box to the right height, we reduce the amount of packing material needed, which reduces the weight, and we also reduce the dimensions, so that can result in a cost savings for you.  Remember, if we can ship your order for less than our website expects, we automatically refund you the difference.*

Having the right box size is also good for your horses.  As long as they are well-packed, a smaller box is better than a too-large one for keeping them safe.  The larger the box, the more chance for packing material to settle during the trip (think of a bag of potato chips) and leave an air gap that models can move around in.  We don't want that.  By cutting down the box so it's the proper size to protect them without leaving excess space, they ride safely.

And, of course, we're always looking for ways to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Let's face it, most of our models travel halfway around the world to get to retailers, and then we send them all over the world again.  All mail-order / internet businesses carry a carbon footprint because of that.  However, part of our mission is to create more positive impact than negative impact, which is why we use all LED lights in the store and power the store partially through solar.  By cutting down boxes to the appropriate size for your order, we use less packing material, which is great for the Earth.  (We source as much of our packing peanuts and filler paper as possible from local businesses, so ideally, we're not responsible for any being created.) 

So, next time your order comes in an "ugly box," you can smile and know we're looking out for you!  Thanks for being a Triple Mountain customer!



*Our Honest Shipping policy states that if we can ship for less than the site calculated by $5 or more, we'll refund the difference.

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