We Are Still In (on climate change)

Have you heard of the We Are Still In campaign?

Following President Trump's withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement, the American business community, politicians and universities are stepping up to let the world know that We Are Still In.  Triple Mountain is proud to stand alongside over 2,000 leaders of American business and organizations in stating that we will continue to work on our own business to reduce carbon emissions and support other businesses who do so.

At Triple Mountain, last year we only produced about 50 pounds of non-recyclable trash.  Much of that was plastic box fronts that our town doesn't yet have a recycling recipient for and packing peanuts or bubble wrap that could not be reused because of dirt or damage.  Fifty pounds for an entire year!  This year, that number may increase corresponding to our sales, but we're always looking for ways to re-use and recycle more.

Meanwhile, since our Hiram store opened in 2015, it and our office have been powered mainly by solar electricity.  Water is also heated primarily by solar, and heat is provided by efficient heat pumps, with an outdoor wood furnace backup for our home and office.  Our store utilizes all LED lights, while Model Storage is currently using fluorescents with a plan to change over to LEDs later this year.   Paper and cardboard are reused when possible, and recycled when no longer usable.  We source many of our shipping boxes and packing materials from local businesses, and even get some of our shipping air bags from a local library.

Our solar meter, letting the Sun do all the work!


No herbicides are used on the Triple Mountain.  Pesticides are limited to use only when necessary and used in a targeted manner to protect people and animals.

Does it take us a little more effort to collect boxes, contain the peanuts, and look at each decision through a lens of environmental stewardship?  Sure, but some things are worth doing right! 

The Triple Mountain is a special place, and motivates us to help insure it remains wild and beautiful into the future.

If you own a business or represent a city, state, or university, we encourage you to visit www.wearestillin.com and join all of us who are putting our voices together loudly enough to be heard around the world:  American leaders DO care about the world we live in, and we're working on improving life for everyone.

A view across the pond in autumn
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