Collection: Treasure Trove: WEG 2014 France Items!

We have discovered a treasure trove of Breyer models and accessories from the World Equestrian Games event in Normandy, France, in 2014!  These models and blankets were made by Breyer ONLY for this event, and were not sold in the US! 

For the WEG Normandy event, four Classic and four Stablemate Special Runs were created, showing a variety of sport horse breeds that were competing at the event.  Only 500 were made of each model.   All of the models and blankets we discovered are still in their sealed packages and have been carefully stored in France since 2014.  We have made arrangements to have them sent from France to Triple Mountain so you can have an opportunity to add these very hard-to-find models to your collection!

I think you'll be amazed by the prices we're offering them at, too!  With only 500 made of each model, they're more scarce than Breyerfest models, but we're keeping prices low so that you may be able to collect the entire set!

As a very special bonus, we're including a WEG 2014 Classic-sized blanket with every purchase of a WEG 2014 Classic model, so your horse can really show off his special origin.  (While supplies last.)  You can also purchase blankets separately, so if you already have a WEG model, you can dress him in style.

Please note that we are receiving these in two shipments.  The first shipment has just arrived.  The second is currently on a boat from France, and is scheduled to land here in late April.  We're too excited to wait for them before telling you, so we're offering them as Advance Sale items!  Orders will be filled in the order they were placed as soon as the models land, so the earliest orders that can be filled from the first delivery will go out immediately, with the remainder of pre-orders shipping as soon as the second shipment has arrived here.

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