New! Realistic Nylon Halters - Handcrafted in the USA

Triple Mountain is proud to debut halters by 603 Model Horse Tack into our product line.  Handcrafted in New Hampshire (that's area code 603, hence the name), they are realistic, come in lots of colors, and have an adjustable crown strap to fit almost all adult Traditional models.  Each comes with genuine metal hardware and a matching color-and-white lead rope that attaches with a lobster clip.

Traditional Halter for Breyer and Stone by 603 Model Horse Tack


We get a lot of requests from artists to sell their handcrafted items, but it's rare that we agree.  In this case, though, it made good sense - Breyer isn't producing good quality, colorful nylon halters, and these were selling well at a tack shop nearby, so we contacted the artisan.  Meet Brianna, 14-year-old entrepreneur, and her horse Felix!

Biranna and Felix


Says Brianna, "For as long as I can remember, I have always loved horses and have wanted to be involved in the horse world. I first started volunteering at our town horse barn when I was 10 and a couple years later I started riding lessons. Just recently I started leasing my first horse, a bay gelding named Felix who loves trail rides, hugs, and treats."  If you purchase a halter, you'll recognize the image on the package:  Each halter comes packaged on a picture of Felix!

Traditional Size Green Halter by 603 Model Horse TackJust one of lots of colors available!  Pick your favorite color for your horse!


Brianna, like so many of us, wished Breyer would make good quality nylon halters like her real horse uses.  She had built a barn for her models, so she decided to give halter-making a try.  With some refinement, she had a product worthy to be carried at stores, and now the money made from sales helps her lease sweet Felix. 

And so, we're proud to offer you 603 Model Horse Tack halters alongside our other very special artisan-crafted items, like Horse Racks, steel model horse bases, and horseshoe dream catchers.


  Check out all the colors and buy yours here!  


Special thanks to Brianna's mom and her Pup (grandfather) for helping her business grow!

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