Metal Model Stand for Breyer Totilas, Huckleberry Bey and Others

  • $14.95

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We have lamented Breyer's plastic disc bases for years.  Being concave, they break under the slightest pressure, often before they even come out of the box.  Wobbly bases leave your horses at risk for toppling over and getting damaged.  Finally, we have a permanent solution! 

If you're still using an original base, we recommend tucking it away to keep it safe and using one of these for show and display instead.  If your base has already broken, you'll really appreciate the rugged, elegant quality of these!

These beautiful metal bases are made from heavy stainless steel and are specifically designed to fit Breyer's models that have a hole in one foot, like Totilas and Huck Bey.  They were designed and handcrafted by a professional machinist in the USA.  They are rust resistant and polished for a sleek look under your model.  We tested them on a Totilas Special Run (pictured, not included) and they work beautifully, holding him securely while not distracting from him.

These will be the only replacement bases you'll ever need!  They will last a lifetime and look good doing it.  New for 2020 - Each metal base comes in its own fabric drawstring pouch.  Pouch colors and designs vary, but add an elegant touch to your base and keep it from getting scratched in transit.



Size: Approximately 2" diameter

Weight: over 2 ounces

[Horse not included.]