B-Corp - Be The Difference!

Mission Statement:

At Triple Mountain, we believe if something is worth doing, it's worth doing with integrity.  That means doing the right thing even when - especially when - it's not the easy thing.  It means treating our customers the way we want to be treated, being honest in all things, and being as Earth-friendly as possible.  We are always striving to decrease our carbon footprint through increasing efficiency and reducing waste, while improving our local environment by planting locally-friendly plants and tending the forests of the Triple Mountain.

Being a good steward of our Earth also means helping in the community.  We support local organizations and charities including the Hiram Historical Society, Jen's Friends Cancer Foundation - which helps families with costs associated with dealing with the disease, Starting Point - a woman's shelter, and Harvest Hills Animal Shelter.

We are working on becoming a Certified B-Corp.  Qualifications are stringet, and so is the certification fee.  It's our hope to certify in 2019!  Here's what we're already doing:


Our Hiram store and our office are powered primarily by solar power.  We use heat pumps for efficient heating and cooling, a solar hot water system for heating water, and an outdoor wood furnace for additional heating in winter.  Wood for the furnace is locally sourced, including fallen or diseased trees from the Triple Mountain.  We also are able to  use non-reusable cardboard shipping boxes and paper scraps in the wood furnace to produce heat and reduce waste.  Our store is lit 100% by LED lighting inside and out.



Our employee bathroom is water / septic-free.  We purchased a state-of-the-art incinerating toilet to insure zero waste water and pollutants go into the sensitive water shed where we're located.  Anti-bacterial hand wipes provide sanitation, and once dry, they are recycled.


Shipping material:

We collect shipping boxes and packing material from local businesses for re-use, to reduce the amount of packing material that needs to be produced, and waste going to the landfill.  We hope that you'll recycle packing material you receive in orders from Triple Mountain.  Most shipping supply stores (UPS Store, Staples, etc) will accept packing material for re-use.


Charitable work:

We maintain a consignment account for the benefit of the area animal shelter.  Harvest Hills is a no-kill shelter in Western Maine that struggles with funding due to their "we will not solicit" policy.  To help them protect and re-home animals in their care, we accept donations of model horses, with proceeds from the items' sale going to the shelter.  (If you'd like to donate any models, they can be dropped off at our shop with a note stating that they're for Harvest Hills, or mailed to us at Triple Mountain, 28 Nature's Way, Hiram, ME, USA 04041.)


To insure our stewardship is always on our minds, we monitor recycling vs. waste, water usage, electrical usage, and the state of our local land, air and water, as well as money donated to charity.