Hold Program

As a special service for our customers in the US and Canada (other countries to be added as requested), we offer our Hold Program.  The Hold Program is designed to save our regular customers money on shipping.  Instead of paying to ship each order individually, the Hold Program allows you to order several times and pay for shipping once!


Here's how it works:

  • Place your order online as usual, choosing "Hold Program" as the shipping option.
  • You'll pay just for your items, not for shipping at the time of order.
  • We'll place your purchases on our special Hold Shelves, tagged with your name.
  • You may continue to place orders over the next few weeks or months, and we'll add them to your "Hold Herd."
  • When you're ready for everything to ship, contact us.  We'll pack your herd, then send you a PayPal invoice for the total shipping cost (You can pay it by credit, debit or PayPal account).  Your herd will ship once the invoice is paid, and you can begin another herd anytime!


We've been quietly offering this program to select regular customers since 2012, and it's cumulatively saved them thousands of dollars in shipping.  Several customers have an ongoing Hold Herd - They collect model purchases over a few weeks or months, have us ship them, and start on their next herd.  It's working so well, in fact, that we're thrilled to be able to offer this service to all customers now!  The "Hold Program" shipping option currently only shows up for US and Canadian customers, but if there's interest from customers elsewhere, contact us and we'll be happy to add your country.


Now for the boring legal stuff:

Customer must take delivery of their Hold Collection within 6 months of the date the first model was held.  If you haven't requested shipping by then, we will make an effort to contact you using the email listed in your Triple Mountain account to let you know of the upcoming deadline.  If we are unable to reach you and/or the shipping invoice we generate at the 6-month mark goes unpaid for 14 days, purchases will be forfeit, ownership of items will revert back to Triple Mountain, and no refund shall be made.  (We hope this never occurs, and will make efforts to contact you should you get close to the deadline, but have to include this provision for legal reasons.)  After your Hold Herd ships, you may begin purchasing another Hold Herd anytime and the 6-month Hold Period will begin anew with your first purchase after the shipment.

We reserve the right to amend or discontinue this program at any time.  Should we discontinue the program, or amend it in any way that would add to your costs, and you have a Hold Herd at the time, we will contact you by the email address listed in your Triple Mountain account at least 14 days in advance with the option to ship your current Herd.  If you opt to leave the Herd on Hold as of the date of the policy change, or do not respond to the notice, the current Herd will become subject to the new policies on their inception date.  Any purchases made after the date of policy change will be subject to the new policies as well.  We reserve the right to correct errors in this and all policies at any time.


We hope you enjoy using this program to save money on shipping.  After all, why spend that money on shipping when it could purchase you more ponies!  If you have any questions about the Hold Program, or anything on our site, feel free to contact us anytime.