Horse Lovers Agree: Triple Mountain is the Best Place to Buy Model Horses!

Triple Mountain is owned and run BY horse lovers FOR horse lovers.  We don't treat models as "just another item in a big store..." models ARE our store.  Model horses are our main business, not a side line.

More than that, they're our passion!  We know models, both current and historical, and usually have what you're looking for, even if it was retired thirty years ago.

We care about our customers and know what it's like to be a collector:  The challenge of finding what you want, budgeting for it, and hoping it ships safely.  We take each of those concerns seriously and have become the most respected model horse adoption agency, I mean dealer, in the world because of it. 

We maintain an ever-changing inventory of between 1500 and 2000 models, priced fairly with no haggling, and we offer a payment plan to help you budget more expensive purchases.  We have the safest shipping in the business, hand-wrapping and packing each model carefully so that USPS can toss the box around without hurting the pretty ponies inside. 

We even have a loyalty program: Every order (when signed in under your account) grants you Pony Points that you can collect to earn discounts on future horse orders!

We ship worldwide, with regular customers in Australia, Norway, Canada, and many other countries.

We even offer a special program that allows customers to order multiple times and have us consolidate their orders into a single shipment to save money on shipping (versus shipping each order separately).  Our Hold Your Horses Program™ has saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars since its inception.

The owner is available by email for questions every day and is happy to help other horse lovers and the people who buy for them.

We are also one of the most socially and environmentally conscious businesses you'll find in the hobby.  We utilize solar power in our store, use LED lighting exclusively, and maintain a grassed parking area to reduce erosion downhill.  We use boxes made of recycled content and collect boxes and packing material from local businesses to reuse for shipping orders.

We believe it is the responsibility of all businesses to be beneficial to their community, both locally and globally.  We support local non-profits, most notably the regional Harvest Hills Animal Shelter, for whom we raised over $2300 in 2018.  We have also raised money for Starting Point Center for Victims of Domestic Violence, One Tree Planted which helps replant forests devastated by natural and man-made catastrophes, charities supporting rebuilding in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian, and The Texas Equine Veterinary Association, which spearheaded animal rescues and provided care for animals left stranded following Hurricane Harvey. 

For our excellent customer service, community involvement and innovative programs, we were voted a Finalist in the Maine Family Owned Business Awards in 2019, and our site was featured on Breyer Horses own website in an article titled "A Collector's Dream."

There are lots of places that "also" sell model horses, but why take your chances? Instead, buy your models from the family-owned business that collectors around the world trust.  You don't even have to take our word for it - You can read the reviews they have written for us at TrustPilot: