Falabella Mare, Palomino - ADVANCE SALE (International Release)

Falabella Mare, Palomino - ADVANCE SALE (International Release)


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The Falabella, which is a Miniature Horse breed, originated in Argentina in 1868 when a man by the name of Patrick Newtall began a breeding program using the smallest native Criollo horses from his region.  This Falabella Mare is a sweet little palomino with a shaded muzzle and a snip.  She's tiny and adorable, and she'd make a great Miniature addition to your herd!

They haven't been available in the US since 2019, but we've found an international retailer that we can get them from.  It costs us more to bring them in from overseas, but we want US collectors to have the opportunity to add them to their herds!

Update Feb 27: Expected to arrive here in late April to mid-May.   They'll ship to customers who pre-order immediately on arrival.  Order now to insure you don't miss out!


Size:  3.3" L x 2.3" H

Model # 88820

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