Breyer 2019 New Releases Update (new info added March 6)


Hooray, the Justify resins, new riders, Paint n Play Unicorns, and CollectA Warmblood have arrived!

We started packing pre-orders when they arrived Monday night and packed all day on Tuesday.  Our Post Office says it's the largest number of boxes they've ever processed in one day!  So all of these items are in stock to order now and pre-orders have shipped.  If you put a pre-order on Hold and are ready for a shipping invoice, email Eleda.  (Please be patient - It's a busy week.  I'll get back to you as soon as I can!)

We are still waiting on the CollectA Icelandic (ETA unknown) and of course the Flagship model, who won't arrive until April.

Over the next few days, we'll update item descriptions to remove the "Advance Sale" designation from in-stock items.  We'll also be taking new in-hand pictures of the new arrivals and adding them to the item pages.  Let me say right now, though:  the new CollectA Warmblood has lovely shading and Breyer's new male Show Jumping Rider is great!  It will be great to see male riders at model shows, outside the Western classes.


This update is to help folks who have pre-ordered get an idea of when to expect their models, and to give everyone an update on when we expect arrival of the rest of the new releases.


2019 Breyer New Releases Arrive at Triple Mountain

[Arrival of the first part of our 2019 Breyer New Release order]


How we handle pre-orders:  If you paid for your order in full, including shipping, we ship as soon as all of your items are here.  Many pre-orders are already on the way; you'll have received an email with tracking information if your order has shipped.

If we are still waiting on items from your order, your order is here on hold until they arrive.  Our Hold Shelves are all full and even one of our packing tables is lined up with orders waiting for one or more new models to arrive in order to ship.  Here's a behind-the-scenes picture from our packing and shipping office:

If you can't wait to see at least some of the items you ordered, and want to split your order, you can email us.  (Separate shipping costs will apply for each shipment, at whatever rate USPS charges to ship them.)


What has arrived:

Mini Whinnies Series 3 Full Box (and Single Packs)

Breyer Mini Whinnies Surprise Series 3 at Triple Mountain   


Stablemates Mystery Horse Surprise Series 2 Full Box (and Single Packs)



Stablemates Friendship Foals Pocket Barn Set

Breyer 2019 Friendship Foals Pocket Barn Set at Triple Mountain


Classic Arabian Stallion ~ Malik, Horse of the Year

Breyer 2019 Malik Horse of the Year at Triple Mountain

Classic Barrel Racer, Palomino Paint


Breyer 2019 Classic Barrel Racer Palomino Paint at Triple Mountain


Classic Cloud's Legend Set

Breyer 2019 Classic Cloud's Legend Set at Triple Mountain


Classic Galloping Thoroughbred ~ Grulla Paint Horse

Breyer 2019 Classic Grulla Paint at Triple Mountain


Classic Harper ~ Bay Roan Australian Stock Horse

Breyer 2019  at Triple Mountain


Classic Morgan Mare ~ Grey Saddlebred

Breyer 2019 Classic Grey Saddlebred at Triple Mountain


Classic Morgan Stallion ~ Cupcake (Sold out from our initial order, but more are on the way.  Pre-Order yours now!)

Breyer 2019 Cupcake at Triple Mountain


Classic Rearing Stallion ~ Silver Bay Mustang

Breyer 2019 Rearing Horse Silver Bay Mustang at Triple Mountain


Classic Standing Thoroughbred ~ Mahogany Bay

Breyer 2019 Classic Mahogany Bay Thoroughbred at Triple Mountain


Rider, Chelsea - Classic Scale Rider and English Tack Set

Breyer 2019 Chelsea Classic English Rider at Triple Mountain


Rider, Kaitlyn (Classic size) with Western Outfit and Tack Set

Breyer 2019 Kaitlyn Classic Western Rider at Triple Mountain


Classic Stable Cleaning Accessories

(photo soon)


Ashquar ~ Thunder, Mascot of the Denver Broncos


Cantering Warmblood ~ Catch Me

Breyer 2019 Cantering Warmblood Catch Me at Triple Mountain


Connemara Mare & Sea Star ~ Cascade and Caspian

Breyer 2019 Cascade and Caspian at Triple Mountain

Dog House Play Set

(photo soon)


Lady Phase ~ Truly Unsurpassed

Breyer 2019 Truly Unsurpassed on Lady Phase at Triple Mountain


Manglarga Marchador, Sorrel Pinto

Breyer 2019  at Triple Mountain


Spanish Stallion ~ Dominante XXIX

Breyer 2019 Dominante at Triple Mountain

(out of box photo to show his lovely mane)


Strapless ~ Protocol and Friends Gift Set with Rescue Dogs

 Breyer 2019 Protocol and Friends Set at Triple Mountain


Best of British Foal Set: Thoroughbred and Hackney 

Breyer Best of British Foal Set Hackney and Thoroughbred at Triple Mountain

Newly arrived - Photos coming soon:

Breyer Justify Resin - Triple Crown Winner - Ltd Edition

Mini Alborozo Unicorn Paint and Play  

Mini Magnolia Unicorn Paint and Play

Mini Walking Thoroughbred (Carrick) Unicorn Paint and Play

Mini Warmblood (Idocus) Unicorn Paint and Play

Classic Stable Feeding Accessories

Rider, Makayla

Rider, Ryan

 CollectA Warmblood Stallion, Bay 



What hasn't arrived yet:

Clydesdale Stallion ~ Seamus, 2019 Flagship Model (Ours have SOLD OUT by pre-order. Congrats to those who got him pre-ordered!)  Arrival:  Late April

CollectA Icelandic Stallion, Grulla ETA unknown - Trying to get info

Holiday items will, as usual, arrive here in late September.


All arrival information is per Breyer, and subject to change if they have issues on their end.  It's their show - We just have to wait until the models are ready to ship to us.

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